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Plantation Shutters

PVC Plantation Shutters are well suited to windows in wet areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms as PVC repels…

Roller Blinds Blockout

Blockout Roller Blinds for super-privacy and darkness even in the middle of the day – Work the midnight…

PVC Venetian Blinds

With our Venetian Blinds, the mechanisms raise and lower the blind, and also tilt the slats.

Roman Blinds Block Out

Roman Blinds are a stylish & practical blind that is ideal for today's modern home.

Vertical Blinds Block Out

Vertical Blinds are an affordable blind that has an easy functional system

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds are a modern take on Vertical Blinds that are ideal for Sliding Doors or Bi-fold Doors

Roller Blind Screen

Screen Roller Blinds Sun screen blinds filter sunlight, like sunglasses for your windows – See outside…

Twin Blinds

Twin Blinds provide a tranquil and modern look while providing privacy and light control.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised Roller Blinds with remote control, hard wired, rechargeable & solar powered.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb/Cellular Blinds available in 25mm Blockout and Light Filter.

Venetian Blinds Aluminium

Slimline Aluminium Venetian Blinds available in 50mm 25mm and 16mm These Venetians also come standard with a pelmet…


Awnings are available in many styles, fabrics and colours.


Protected from the weather all year-round and with a sense of privacy, you'll spend more time enjoying…

Roller Shutters

Outdoor Roller Shutters for when you need that extra privacy and insullation.

Outdoor Aluminium Shutters

The range consists of four powder coated, Painted Colours; Pearl White, White Birch, Precious Silver and Black 

Security Doors

The designers used advanced engineering technology to achieve a frame that exceeds all Australian Standards

Roller Blinds

Holland Blinds are a practical blind for everyday use, Block Outs, Sun Screens and Translucent.
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Custom made blinds

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Plantation Shutters are at the top end of window furnishings and add great value to your home. With fabulous designs and a huge variety of styles available, we provide plantation shutters that will blend seamlessly with every décor. Our window shutters come in a selection of PVC, Basswood or Aluminium, and can be painted or stained in a variety of colours that will complement your décor.  Plantation Shutters can be made with many different blades sizes and are very easy to clean.

Roller blinds/Holland blinds, are great for everyday use and are incredibly versatile. These blinds have been highly praised by our customers, and they can be used in nearly every room of your home or business. These blinds are not only practical, but also blend beauty with functionality. With a wide variety to choose from, selecting the perfect blind to match your decor is simple. They also feature a simple, efficient and solid design. They are made from sturdy aluminium tubes that support the bottom of the blind, and come with a choice of a metal or plastic chain that rolls the tube and the attached blind up and down. For those looking for a luxurious touch, these blinds can also come installed with a motorized system. With the use of a remote control, they can be moved up or down by the touch of a button!

Roman Blinds are an excellent choice for people that desire a unique and stylish look for their home. These blinds will make a wonderful addition to any modern home, providing a touch of pure beauty to any room in your house. Roman blinds have panels of material that are stitched together in rows to form an alluring blind. Our roman blinds also include aluminum battens that seal the seams, covering the stitching and providing a perfect seal that prevents any light from passing through. In addition to this, they are incredibly easy to operate with two different types of cord locks, deluxe and chain driven. The chain mechanism is a simple system that allows you to raise and lower the blinds by pulling on the chain. Our deluxe cord lock system functions in a very similar manner, but also allows you to neatly tuck the cord away to the side after being raised or lowered.  Our roman blinds come in a choice of two fabrics, blockout and light filtering translucent.

Vertical blinds stack evenly and neatly, for a tidy window furnishing that is privacy and light controlled. Slat sizes are available in 90mm or 127mm, with the option of a chainless system or sewn in weights, to offer all decorative needs. Perfect for Sliding Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, or just the simple window.

Our vertical blinds are much more than your traditional office environment blind. Into Blinds vertical blinds are much more versatile and can be used in any environment.  Many other vertical blinds are made from flimsy material that is subpar quality and has a degrading, unsightly look. Into Blinds strives to outclass our competition. Our vertical blinds are still affordable, but are made with much better material and are beautifully crafted, providing you the longevity and style you deserve and expect. Not only will these blinds will provide you with the privacy and light protection you desire, they are very practical, easy to use and operate, and are esthetically pleasing.

Venetian blinds have been used as a beautiful addition to homes since 1760, and continue to be one of the most popular and widely used shade styles in the world.  Our Venetian blinds are the modern equivalent of those used in the past; they provide a wonderful look while being much more functional and easy to use. With their slatted design, venetian blinds are not only used to regulate sunlight, but can also be used to control the airflow throughout your home.  The mechanisms are used to raise and lower the blind while also tilting the slats. This allows for great light and air control, while providing privacy and a modern blend of functionality and beauty for your home. With a wide variety of Venetian blinds to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect blind to complement any room of your home.

Panel Glide Blinds are a modern take on Vertical Blinds that are ideal for Sliding Doors, Bi-fold Doors and windows, allowing the panels to glide into position and stack neatly to one side. With the panel blind, they also have the option of stacking to bothsides, but they are also able to open from the centre of your window, and close evenly to both sides. With a range of fabrics, the Panel Glide comes standard with a Wand Operation, and an anodized top and bottom rail with matching end caps.

Twin Blinds are a unique and modern blind that will make a remarkable addition to any room in your home. They will add a pleasurable touch of beauty and elegance with their one of a kind looks and operation. With a straightforward and easy to use chain control, you simply pull on the chain for an open and closed effect. What gives these blinds their unique effect is that they feature two fabrics in one sheet. As the blinds slide up, the front sheet is pulled in front of the other closing or opening the slats. This will allow you to let in as much light as you desire, and also allows you to gaze outside without rolling the blind all the way up. When rolling the blind up all the way, it is neatly tucked away in the head box, resulting in a clean look that is appealing to the eyes.  Combined with their distinctive looks and functionality, twin blinds come in a choice of two useful and beautiful fabrics, blockout and translucent.

Honeycomb blinds are the perfect choice for functionality and energy saving. The Honeycomb blind is a great insulator, blocking out majority of UV rays by trapping air within each cell. This helps in keeping the room cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter months. They are standard in a single cell option with a cord control and suitable for skylights or any window.

Outdoor Blinds Cafe Blinds, Patio & Bistro Blinds. Ziptrak keeps you protected from the weather all year-round and with a sense of privacy and seclusion, you'll spend more time enjoying life outdoors. Exterior Awnings are available in many styles, fabrics and colours. Outdoor Roller Shutters for when you need that extra privacy, noise reduction, light control and insulation. Our roller shutters come in a great range of colours, and give your home a modern and sleek look.


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