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"I have used Into Blinds to have shutters fitted in our home in the bathrooms, powder room, kitchen and meals area. All staff members from first consultation to fitting have been excellent. Joan Kenny from the installation department always kept me up to date with the progress of our jobs in a professional and friendly manner, she is certainly a real asset in her area. Many thanks to Into Blinds – more to come in 2017!!"

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 FREE IN-HOME Measure & Quote 

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 FREE IN-HOME Measure & Quote 

FREE In-home Measure & Quote

How to Measure/Install

How to Measure & Install

Measure Guide – Roller Blinds

Click here and download a Job Sheet to assist whilst setting up your order View our How to Measure Video

Installation tips and getting started:

  • You will require a quality tape measure (steel) like the picture we have of the Stanley brand we use. This will provide stability and ensure your tape measure stays straight and provide accuracy when used correctly.
  • Please measure in millimetres (mm) and measure all windows (items) regardless of whether they appear to be the same measurement. Also provide the hard or actual measurement without any deductions or subtractions as Into Blinds will make the blinds with our own deductions for the Recess or In Fit. No deductions will be made for Face or Out Fit blind.
  • Measure your property or home walking left to right (clockwise) starting from the front door. The first window becomes window 1 or names it something like Master or Bedroom 1.
  • Follow the same steps for upstairs if required. Again number or itemise your blinds as you order them making installation as easy as possible.
  • Measure the top of the window frame or architrave where the blind is to be installed or fitted.
  • In all areas, we recommend a Face or Out Fit on the window frame or architrave for block out blinds. This will significantly reduce the amount of light that comes through the top and sides of the blind and you will also get a better insulation or better controlled temperatures due to less gaps.
  • Some people prefer to fit block out blinds on the Recess or In Fit of the window frame or architrave in areas like your Living, Lounge or Rumpus, however you will have gaps at the top and sides. In Bedrooms, Recess or In Fit your sunscreen (E-Screen) blind and Face or Out Fit your blockout blind. We highly recommend Face or Out Fit for Bedrooms.
  • When fitting a single blind on the Face or Out Fit of your window frame or architrave, you may want to look at adding a FRS or also known as an aluminium Pelmet or Valance. Adding this feature will hide or reduce the amount of the blind or tube that is displayed and it also provides a very modern look.
  • We recommend all Roller Blinds over 2000mm or 2 metres wide be ordered with a hidden part (concealed inside the blind or tube) called a Spring Assist. This part will make the blind operate more efficiently and it will appear lighter and will operate smoother.

All our Roller Blinds come standard with a metal chain, however if you live near the sea or coast, we recommend you order your blinds with a stainless steel chain.

Recess or In Fit

Recess or In Fit Blinds are front (Over Roll) facing and roll forward as per the diagram. This method hides the tube or fabric on the roll and this is particularly useful when you select a fabric with a white or different colour back. This fitting method will also assist the tube and fabric from touching things like; window winders, handles, door knobs or any item that may interfere or obstruct the blinds operation.

When you measure or consider a blind for the Recess or In Fit, we recommend you allow 40mm – 80mm of depth to allow the blind to function or operate without interference or obstruction. Do not take any deductions as we will do this for you.

Choose which side you want your controls - either left or right and confirm you have measured the inside of the frame.

Face or Out Fit

Face or Out Fit Blinds are back (Under Roll) facing and roll backwards as per the diagram. This method provides a tight fit of the fabric to the frame or architrave to provide privacy, light and heat control.

When you measure or consider a blind for the Face or Out Fit for the width and height (drop), we recommend you measure from end to end of your frame or architrave starting at the top. If you want the height (drop) to run through to the floor or past the frame or architrave, you need to provide that measurement.

You are now ready to select your preferred control side. Do this by facing the blind and selecting either left or right control.

If you have a blind on the Recess or In Fit as well as the Face or Out Fit, then please select a control side for each blind.

Blinds for Windows and Doors with Multiple Blinds

When measuring for a window or door with multiple blinds and the brackets touch or back into each other, we need the measurement per blind and you need to add these measurements together to equal the overall measurement of the frame or architrave.  If you want the height (drop) to run through to the floor or past the frame or architrave, you need to provide that measurement.


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